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At Look Thermography Corporation, we are continuously looking for ways to contribute to our client’s success. A major component of this success is our use of infrared (IR) thermography inspections that save our client’s time and money.  In basic terms, infrared (IR) thermography inspections enable the user to see and measure heat radiation in a given object. All materials with a temperature above absolute zero emit heat energy in the infrared spectrum.  While invisible to the human eye, infrared (IR) cameras capture the infrared radiation and produce an image based on the relative surface temperature differences.

Our Certified Level III Master Thermographers and state of the art inspection systems allows us to mobilize quickly for customer projects, and our advanced data collection and post-processing methods allow us to handle large complex projects efficiently providing needed reports quickly. At Look Thermography Corporation, only Certified Level III Master Thermographers perform training, analysis, reporting, and project management to ensure the highest levels of accuracy in both data collection and delivery.

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FLIR T-Series thermal imaging cameras offer outstanding range, resolution, and image clarity paired with the ergonomics professional thermographers need for a full day of inspections.

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Avoid costly unscheduled shutdowns, maximize the efforts of your maintenance personnel, and increase your workplace safety by scheduling a routine infrared inspection today.

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Our optical gas thermal imaging cameras detect and visualize SF6 and other harmful gases quickly from a safe distance and without the need to interrupt plant production processes.